Sneha. Seva. Sadhana.

Sumati is a mother, doula, writer and seeker whose life is devoted to compassionate service.

Her work with new parents is guided by three principles – Sneha or loving-friendship, Seva or devoted-service and Sadhana or deep-study. These three pillars form the core of her practice – each continually informing the other.

Services for expecting and new families

Trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, compassionate and inclusive support open to all.

Sumati has over a decade of experience as a birth worker and has served 400+ families in the greater Seattle area.

Over the years families have chosen her to be by their side to help them with multiples and twins, premature infants, postpartum mood disorders, unexpected medical diagnoses, as well as extraordinarily ordinary births. She has stood by first-time parents, experienced parents, culturally diverse families, single parents and same-sex parents.

Whether Sumati joins you for a birth, for the fourth trimester, or for extended postpartum support, you will find that she is your biggest cheerleader and your strongest ally.

Drawing on her experience and keen observation she will hold sacred space for you, nurture and nourish you and encourage you as your begin your journey into this new chapter of your life on the strongest possible footing.

Services for those who are in service (care-providers, physicians, nurses, doulas, teachers and others in caring professions):

Apart from serving perinatal families – Sumati also offers in-home services to those who are in-service. If you are heading toward burn-out, exhaustion or emotional depletion or just need to fill your cup – please reach out.

  • In home doula shift for those who care for others
  • Deep relaxation therapies – seasonal
  • Retreats for birthing care providers
  • Circles

Training and Education

Postpartum Doula(DONA) Bastyr Center for Midwifery, May 2012
Birth Doula (DONA) Big Belly Services, August 2018

M.S. – Conservation and Wildlife Biology, National Center for Biological Sciences, India

“Sumati was our birth doula and I can honestly say I simply cannot imagine how I would have done it without her!! After a complicated first delivery I spent most of my second pregnancy fearing a repeat of what had happened the first time. I was very anxious and my trust and faith in the hospital was very low. Though we hired Sumati at the last minute but she was kind enough to begin helping us right away. She went above and beyond, fitting in our prenatal appointments and she spent as much time as needed answering our questions and encouraging us to prepare a plan for our doctor/hospital. She guided us to ask questions and voice our concerns at our doctor’s appointments which helped us to feel more comfortable with the decisions being made.
During the 39th week I was exhausted and being pressured to schedule an induction which I just didn’t want. I was also feeling a lot of pain. Sumati came over and made me do some positions. Luckily something worked and I got into labor the next night. I was able to have a successful VBAC with her support and it was such a different experience from our first baby! Sumati was great with our older son too as we had no family or friends nearby to help us take care of him during the birth. I don’t know what we would have done if she was not there. She was more like a member of our family and we will always remember her.

Revati and Sukanth, M