Postpartum Care – Seattle WA

We are proud to bring a host of local postpartum experts together to provide you a seamless care-experience in the months after baby is born. After watching countless parents struggle with finding the time to access and book appointments with the specialists they need, we have built a team of dedicated and highly trained professionals who can work together to provide wrap around support.

Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum doulas visit families at home and offer baby-care, household support, education on newborn care, emotional support, grocery shopping, meal prep and much more.

Postpartum doulas form the back-bone of the the support system that we build for parents in their postpartum.

Lactation Consultants

Lactation consultants are experts with breastfeeding and infant feeding. When challenges arise in the critical few days and weeks after birth, timely and skilful help is vital for the health, well-being and establishment of successful feeding relationship between parents and newborn. Our lactation consultants visit you in your home, they help with latching, pumping, supplementing and other challenges and ensure your baby is safely and adequately fed, while being respectful of the complex cultural and emotional context of each family.

Physical Therapists

Pregnancy and birth can strain the muscles, ligaments, bones and nerves of the abdomen, spine, hips and pelvis. Pelvic Physical Therapists are compassionate and dedicated professionals that bring relief and healing when there is persistent pain or other signs of injury, strain or misalignment postpartum. For both c-section and vaginal births, Pelvic PT’s can be called in for special consults in your own home or in their office. This ensures that you are on the path to a speedy recovery and are able to learn and use simple techniques that can alleviate and prevent further injury/strain.

Traditional Postpartum Care Specialists

Postpartum care traditions can provide a wealth of wisdom and healing in the postpartum period and offer many tools and techniques to surmount postpartum challenges. The care traditions can be especially appropriate when used within the cultural context and background of each family. Our traditional care specialists are well-versed and practised with postpartum care principles from various cultures. They are able to remain humble and open to learning and supporting the unique care practices followed in your tradition while being wise in knowing well the postpartum body, the delicate newborn and the dance that occurs between old and modern, this culture and that. Whether you are reclaiming and needing hands-on support with postpartum traditions passed down in your culture or whether your intuition has guided you to care-practices common in cultures outside your own – traditional postpartum care specialists are able to visit with you and help you with things like belly binding, postnatal or lactation diets, steaming, mother-roasting, mother-oiling, infant massage, postnatal yoga, everyday herbs and home-remedies, ceremonies, duties and much more that nurture, nourish, celebrate and heal you and your family after birth.

Sleep Consultants

A tangle of conflicting advice in popular culture combined with round the clock biological demands of raising an infant can mean that sleep is an area of struggle for parents needing to ease back into a schedule that is compatible with their career. Sleep consultants offer gentle and developmentally appropriate methods as well as hands on help for parents struggling with sleep deprivation and finding their balance.

How does it work?

  1. Parents often do not know what kind of support they will need postpartum. Things change week by week.

2. It can be time consuming and difficult to find and book with trusted professionals at the last minute and this can cause a lot of stress, anxiety and gaps in care during a vulnerable and critical time!

3. At Life Circle Birth you will be matched with a senior postpartum doula who will be in contact with you and in charge of the team that is taking care of you and your family.

4. After the baby is born, if you find yourself needing specialists in a particular area our flexible packages allow you to seamlessly add on home visits from specialists or swap your booked doula hours for a timely visit from a specialist.

5. Flexibility is very important to our families – consult with us to design custom support packages that are the perfect fit for your budget and needs! Ensure that you have the right kind of support at the right time.

Examples of Recent Packages

Establish Your Rhythm

This is our starter package, covering the basics of postpartum doula care. You can book with one of our nurturers for the first week after birth, or you can wait and invest in care to help after the babymoon phase wears off. We will come to your home and help you find your footing for four hours per day for 5 of those first key days of life with Baby. – $1500

40 Days for Your Next 40 Years – VIRTUAL –

It includes a 1 hour video consultation every other day during which we will touch base with you on how the recovery process is going, answer questions, and help you discover and prioritize the things that make you and your new baby thrive. In addition you will get full complimentary access to all of our digital resources and we will send you a hand-picked gift box of our favorite postpartum mama and baby items. $900

Witching Hour

Bedtime can be tough for everyone, but it can be especially hard if Baby keeps crying endlessly after you’ve tried everything! Is something supernatural afoot? Let us come and help you find your inner super nurturer to transform these tough hours into tranquil ones. We have reserved the hours of 6pm to 10 pm in our schedules just for families like you. Packages start with 5 days to help you establish healthy bedtime routines. $1500

Sleep Faerie

Give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep or nine. It’s an investment you will never regret. Our postpartum doulas can watch over and soothe Baby while you get some uninterrupted slumber, or we can be on hand to assist you through the night if you are experiencing breastfeeding challenges. Book a package of 9 nights so you can sleep like a baby whether your baby sleeps or not. $4000

40 Days For Your Next 40 Years

Think of it: you just delivered a whole new human from your own body. That human took nine whole months in there and the two of you have been through a lot together! This package is your reminder to honor yourself and nurture your body as you and Baby get used to life as it is now. We will come to your home for a few hours every day for the first 40 days after birth to check in, catch your stories, answer the many questions that come up, and just be with you during this sacred time. $6500

Green Doula Add-On (to any package)

Cloth Diapering, Elimination Communication, non-toxic baby bottles, low-waste baby gear… Leave a little of the earth behind for your child and lighten their carbon footprint. Demonstrations and starter kits for cloth diaper essentials. Borrow from our lending library for, elimination communication gear, baby carriers, Learn to make and buy green postpartum products, natural and non-toxic remedies and pure and pristine hand-made baby cosmetics. – $200


Job Loss Guarantee.

The stress of layoffs can really impact your pregnancy and postpartum. As doulas we understand this uncertainty can make it hard to make decisions. If you book a package and experience a layoff that impacts your family’s plans significantly we will offer you a full refund.

Referral Credit

They say birds of a feather flock together…well new parents need each other even more. Invite a friend to book with us and we will give you both a $100 credit! There’s no limit so get out there and flock together!

Women’s Wisdom:

Oh I am grateful to have been loved, and to be loved now, and to be able to love because that liberates. Love liberates. It doesn’t just hold, that’s ego. Love liberates.

Maya Angelou

To make the most of oneself is not to forsake one’s identity as a woman or as a mother…. To come second entirely, to be only mother, maid, cook, wife, is also not to make the most of oneself. One must learn how and when not to bend. It is this, the balance between selflessness and selfishness, that is so difficult, but also, I would like to believe, worthwhile.

Rufi Thorpe

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