Dilpreet Kocchar

Dilpreet is passionate about positive health outcomes and prevention through education, direct service, research and community engagement. Her experiences in HIV care support and prevention led her to birth work. “I experienced immense difficulty putting together a lift of accessible resources for someone who identified experiencing hardship and needing resources during their pregnancy and postpartum period. The lack of resources available for maternal/Birth healthcare did not sit well with me. I enrolled in a doula training course through Ancient Song Doula Services (NY) in 2021 and learned in depth about the gap within BIPOC maternal care and how doulas can make a world of a difference in the process of bringing life earthside. I believe in amplifying the voices of the most marginalized communities. Every person and their child deserves an opportunity to experience support services to promote higher quality in preparation of life on earthside and once on earth side.

As a Birth Doula , the clients I serve are high risk and extremely vulnerable to discrimination without support. I provide services pro bono for clients who identify as experiencing hardships. My services emphasize education to ensure my clients can make their own informed autonomous decisions, navigating resources offered through various non-profit agencies. As a POC birth and postpartum doula I am able to be an advocate and provide emotional support to my clients with empathy, cultural connection and background in navigating the public health system. This ensures their treatment is better in a system that is biased and discriminative towards the marginalized.”