DIY Doula Kit and Course

Online Lesson

Do it yourself Doula-Training and Kit

Virtual – On -demand

This program is for those who wish to support the birth and postpartum of a beloved one. Whether there are no doulas or suitable doulas available where you are, or whether you are unable to afford or access doula support – whatever the reason you find yourself needing to “doula-it yourself” this course will teach you the tools, techniques and basics of supporting a beloved one through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

People who take this course are typically non-birthing parents and support people including fathers, partners, grandparents, sisters and friends.

Each course is custom-tailored to you after an intake process. We are able to serve people in wide variety of circumstances both the ‘traditional’ and ‘non-traditional’ ways in which life comes in to this world. We will teach the ‘doula-way method’.

What You’ll Learn:

– Physiology, timeline and health needs of pregnancy birth and postpartum

1. Skills, techniques and tools to doula your beloved one, yourself and your family through the experience – including how to support them in birth, various popular childbirth techniques, normal newborn care, breastfeeding, health and wellbeing in the birthing person, how to mitigate common challenges and when to know to reach out for help.

2. How to find high quality information, advocate for the best medical care and support available and use your own unique strengths to help create the best possible start for the new little one and family.

3. Plenty of time to practice with and without the birthing person, many opportunities for role-play. questions and discussion so that you feel confident, well-prepared and well-equipped.

Providers: Sumati VS, Luisa PW, Amanda Evans

Cost (USA): $300 for birth- support course

Duration : 1 month -weekly live 2 hrs classes + study materials

Cost(USA): $300 For postpartum support and baby preparation course

Duration – 1 month. Once per week live class + study materials and practice exercises

Cost(USA) $500 for the birth and postpartum combined

Non-USA and those requiring discounted rates please write to us. For families unable to pay we offer free courses.