Forty day postpartum experience

40 days packages currently offered by the team in Seattle WA and Bengaluru, India.

Life Circle Birth is proud to offer new parents…

A postpartum care experience like no other

Our flagship postpartum experience is a wrap-around service that cocoons you and your newborn in care for 40 days.

Daily in-home visits from postnatal experts ensure you and your newborn receive the optimal care.

Personalised, nutrituos meals made from fresh ingredients – never frozen – are prepared in accordance to tradition and to support abundant milk supply and promote speedy healing and complete postpartum recovery.

Experts in breastfeeding guide you safely through the challenging early days of feeding your newborn.

Massages for the mother can be included as part of your package for no extra charge! Alternatively book a special session to experience the full Traditional Ayurvedic Postnatal Care for yourself and your newborn in your own home.

A tender photoshoot from a professional photographer captures candid images of you and your newborn and preserves precious memories of a special time. The visit is included in the forty day bundle!

A special mother-blessing ceremony at the end of 40 beautiful days is a grand affair that celebrates you and your baby as you emerge from your cocoon.

One fixed price brings to you the best of highly sought after postpartum experts. Our package is one-of-a-kind in the United States bringing together both traditional and modern postnatal care in one flexible bundle.

Personal support from your village is just a phone call away.

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What is included

Daily doses of loving support

  • Daily visits for the entire 40 days after baby comes home.
  • Three in-home visits from an IBCLC lactation consultant are included
  • Two visits from a pelvic floor PT are included
  • Upto 5 massage sessions from an LMT specialising in postpartum massage can be included OR upto 3 Ayurvedic Postnatal Care visits
  • Fresh cooked meals prepared in your home 2x per week can be included
  • A box of delicious lactation cookies – complimentary!
  • Newborn candid photography session with professional photographer – in your home
  • Henna and tea ceremony with all your care team and close family is conducted at the end of 40 days.
  • A basket of organic doula-selected postpartum recovery essentials for baby and mom.
  • Access to our ‘lending library’ of baby carriers, books and gear for you to try out.
  • Membership to our weekly mother’s support group are also included.


Who will visit us daily postpartum?

The daily visits are typically made by postpartum doulas. On some of the days you will receive a visit from a specialist instead of the usual visit from your postpartum doula.

Postpartum doulas are experts in newborn and new parent care. They help with educating new parents and offering hands on support with newborn-care and new mother recovery. Postpartum doulas are experienced with basic breastfeeding support, normal newborn characteristics and normal postpartum recovery. Postpartum doulas also offer household support in the form of help with baby laundry, making sure baby things are prepared and clean, making sure the parents have food and water, making sure the parents get sleep etc. Each visit from a postpartum doula is 4 hours long.

When should we expect the first visit from the doulas?

As soon as you are home from hospital! Your doula-team will be on-call for your birth. Once you let us know that the baby has been born and you are being discharged we plan the first postpartum visit. In special circumstances doulas can visit in the hospital as well – for instance after a c-section and when the father has to stay with older children, a doula can assist the mother and newborn in hospital itself.

Are your packages flexible?

No one can predict how birth and postpartum will unfold. We know this as doulas and offer flexibility with our timings and visits. Need an urgent visit from a lactation consultant? We can swap a scheduled doula shift for one with a lactation consultant. Prefer to try an overnight instead of two day visits? All this and more is possible! Just make the request and we will do our best based on our availability and bookings with other families.

Are postpartum massages included in the package? How does it work?

5 mother massages are included as part of your bundle. Once the baby is born you can pick the dates you would like to schedule the massages. Instead of your postpartum doula, a massage therapist will come to your home on that day.

Tell us more about the Traditional Ayurvedic Postnatal Care

Instead of 5 mothers massages you can opt for 3 complete mother-baby Ayurvedic Postnatal Therapies sessions. These 3 hour sessions include pure Ayurvedic oils chosen based on your body constitution, demo and teaching of newborn massage, herbal steam bath for mother and baby, belly binding, herbal scrubs and pastes, vaginal steaming or mother-roasting and more.

Words cannot describe my experience working with Sumati and team.

With my first baby my postpartum recovery was really difficult and I experienced a long bout of depression following that.

This postpartum was better than anything I had expected.

Even though we have an older one and no parents coming to help this time, I thoroughly enjoyed my postpartum and was able to actually focus on enjoying my baby.

The diet tips and recipes were tailored to my sensitive digestion and I still crave the lactation cookies!

Amritha Sarangapani

“The best decision we made! I have no idea how we would have done it without their support.”

— Rick and Nancy, K

Because beginnings matter