Birth Worker and Birth Provider Retreat – Costa Rica

“Tierra es mi cuerpo, agua es mi sangre, aire es mi aliento y fuego mi espíritu”

Replenish. Rejuvenate. Reconnect.

5 Blissful days in the lap of abundant nature. Connect with the elements, with each other and with yourself.

Earth is my body, water is my blood, air is my breath, and fire my spirit. 

Reconnect with your deepest self, with the earth, with your work, with others.

Words are inadequate to describe the beauty of Bahia Ballena in the South Pacific. The land and oceans team with life – dolphins whales and turtles. This special place – is the birthing ground for majestic and compassionate humpback whales. They return each year from the Pacific Northwest to calve in these waters. We are humble visitors to retreat in such a sacred spot.

The Retreat

  • Accomodation in an eco-resort tucked away in a private reserve overlooking whale bay (Bahia Ballena)
  • Your doula moon program consisting of embodied healing workshops and daily rejuvenating rituals including yoga
  • 3 fresh local meals a day (customizable based on dietary needs)
  • Guide to visiting Costa Rica. Spanish classes for birth professionals and orientation from a local birth-worker for first time visitors to Costa Rica.

Workshops and Offerings

Created specifically for doulas and birth professionals these are offered for healing and reconnection as part of the retreat programming. You are welcome to join as per your preference. There will be plenty of space to rest and luxuriate in nature in between.

Aquatic Bodywork/Rebirth in Water

Contact Improvisation Dance

Authentic Relating

Deep Listening and Space Holding

Daily yoga practice and rituals

Replenish and Rest

Stay at an eco-sensitive, sustainability focussed rainforest hotel in a private reserve on Bahia Ballena. Sweeping ocean views, sandy beaches, natural pools, and mama-whales await you in one of the most pristine and bio-diverse regions in the world – Osa, Costa Rica…

You have the option to stay with one other participant in a two-person ocean view suite or to chose the economical option of an ocean-view cabin shared with 4 others.

Included in your ticket price are all organic, sustainable and locally sourced meals and snacks, transportation from San Jose (where the airport is) to the resort, all group body-work workshops, guided group yoga sessions and the mini-course “Spanish for birth-workers”. You may also add on massages at the on-site spa, and private lessons with the workshop providers if you wish to deepen your experience.

What People Say

This sounds amazing! I just want to say if you have the chance to go to Costa Rica please do – you will never regret it!!

A Doula

Birthworkers hosting this retreat

As doulas we know how hard the work is. We also know how easy it is for us to take care of others, holding space for their feelings, and being compassionate with other bodies and hearts. But sometimes we forget to take the same care of ourselves. For this we decided to create a space for us at the center. For our bodies, our feelings, our souls. We deserve to reconnect and feel that someone else is taking care of us. Mother nature will be our first caregiver during this retreat, and our sisters will be our companions in this journey. We are not alone. We are here for you. Life Circle Birth knows how valuable your work is. We know how awesome you are and for those reasons we want to take care of you with the primary help of mother earth.

Luisa Perez Wolter


Luisa is a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, artist, birth doula, yoga instructor. She is a person in continuous transformation who learned how to use yoga, art , personal experiences and rituals as her way to be a better person for herself and others. She can’t wait to share some of her heart’s central pieces with the participants in this retreat to hold space together for the really important aspects of life. She really wants to let you know you are not alone , and we can create a community.



Amanda is a birth worker, community builder and accesses the wisdom of the earth and nature in her life and work and shares her insights freely. The world is so alive with mystery and wonder and she wants more than anything for humans to experience it in a way that they will carry with them in their hearts forever. She is unafraid to walk with you on your journey no matter where it leads. She also helps doulas envision and build their web-presence and enjoys nurturing others with patience and intuition as they find their voice

Sumati Vijayasimha


Sumati has a decade of experience as a birth worker. She is passionate about non-judgmental, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed and inclusive support for birthing families. She is a doula mentor and helps new and established doulas navigate the intricacies and introspect on the work. “Praxis” is her new favorite word. She loves talking, thinking and sharing about what it means to be a birthworker. She gathers together a close knit village of doulas in Seattle, USA and is passionate about bringing down barriers of all kinds to create an inclusive and supportive space for birthworkers and community carers, including herself!

Reconnect with your deepest self, with the earth, with your work, with others.

We have been so alone these past years – we wish to create an opportunity to come together and create a safe space for vulnerability, grief and self-compassion.