Postpartum Services & More!

Currently booking these packages
for fall and winter
with Amanda in Portland, OR

Flexible Support To Get You Through

Life doesn’t let up for anything and you should not have to navigate transitions without the support you need. You are probably looking for help with a new baby, but did you know that we can help you through many other life transitions? Potty training! Going back to work! Changing educational models for older children! …and more! If you feel like your Google searches are getting more and more specific but the answers just aren’t helping, you may benefit from talking with a real person who can provide the specific care that YOU need in your unique adventure. Set up a free 30 minute interview and see if we would be the right fit for you.

Packages: for how long do you want support?

Two Weeks

Have you been overwhelmed by the large dollar amount associated with big doula packages? Maybe you are planning ahead and aren’t sure how much support you will need. This modest package is ideal for folks who want just the right support at exactly the right time and no more.

Four Weeks

A lot can change in a month. If you are finding yourself struggling to keep your head above water, don’t keep trying to muddle through on your own. You can have four weeks of support tailored to your specific needs and we guarantee you will not be in the same place by the end of it.

Six Weeks – Best Value!

If you know you are going to need the help and you want us there with you for the long haul, then this is the package for you. It can be doubled or tripled at no increase in hourly rate. We have so much empathy to share, skills to teach, and connection to offer and this is the way to make sure you don’t miss out on any of it.

Our Unique Hybrid Model of Care

As we sail into the cold and flu season we aim to provide the highest level of care when you need it while keeping both your and our families safe. No one likes to cancel at the last minute because someone woke up with the sniffles or came down with a fever and so we are making ourselves more available through phone calls, text messages, and virtual meetings, as well as continuing some in person visits. We have fine tuned the balance to maximize your sense of community and support as well as safety for all!

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