“Doula” as a verb (“to-doula”, “doula-ing”)

By Luisa

“DOULEO/DOULEA” (Spanish) “to-Doula” as an active verb

The word Doula is of Greek origin and means woman who serves. It is a noun that defines the modern concept of a person trained to physically, emotionally accompany people in processes of transformation.

Personally, my work as a doula transformed me and made me think about the concept of doula as an active verb.

By this I mean a particular way of coping with different circumstances in our lives. I now doula my children, my friends I doula my own experiences. To-doula is a way of facing the world with love and compassion. It is the ability to observe, provide an emotional space to generate questions, accompany and offer tools to navigate every moment of life. Doula-ing as a conscious form of activism with the intention of transforming the world. A world that leaves no room for vulnerability and pushes us into automatic-tasks leaving us in emotional ruins. A world where our very humanity makes us worthless. Using the concept of “doula” as a verb in our daily actions is essential for a better existence.

I doula

He/She/They doula

you doula

we doula

We are-doula-ing the world

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