Giving & Receiving

Outside the rain is pouring down and the wind is buffeting and then it turns to hail. But inside three women are sharing and listening, holding and hearing. The tears we have shed are the water that nourished the gifts we have to share but for so long these gifts were stuck within, blocked by others and even by ourselves. Each of us wandered, afraid, looking for a hug that can embrace our feelings and ideas. Our togetherness creates that safe space where we do not have to be afraid anymore because we are not alone anymore.

A nurse stump grows a sapling.

When we are together we are that hug which allows us to open, revealing both our dreams and our fears. We decide to believe in our truths and find a way to share our gifts demanding that our voices are heard. We exist in our truest selves only when we see those blocked parts reflected in each other. In mirroring the others then we can receive their love for us and then eventually we can love ourselves.

In that mirroring and reflecting, giving and receiving, truly present with the storms, the shadows, the joy, and the emerging sunshine a channel is opened and we are ready to share at last, freely, boldly, widely, abundantly with the whole world.

It does not stop with us. This hug is expansive, inviting you into it, if you are also aching to receive and to give. Let’s grow together.

Three birth keepers thrilled to find community!

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