Have questions about your upcoming birth, the postpartum months or about parenting and motherhood?Not sure where to begin or what can start to lift the heaviness or confusion? Looking for culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, evidence guided and holistic support but unsure where to find it? A consultation package may be right for you.

Perhaps your hospital does not allow in person doula support. Perhaps you live in an area where doulas are scarce and/or fully booked. Maybe you cannot afford hours of in person postpartum support – but would still like to benefit from the wisdom, experience and gentle guidance of a postpartum doula as you learn to navigate the many and varied challenges of postpartum and parenting young children. Perhaps family dynamics and social pressures have left you nowhere safe to confide in. Doula support can benefit you whether you are pregnant and postpartum or not. People have reached out for doula care when they are experiencing difficult relationships, divorce, serious illness, loss and of course at the end of their lives or the lives of their beloved ones.

We see you and we want to make our support available to you in a format that fits into your life. Our consultations are designed the ‘doula-way’.

Consultations the Doula Way

Empathy and deep understanding come first. Without knowing your problem we can’t rush into solutions that may cause more harm than good.

Next, practicality and applicability is forefront in our minds – we don’t imagine that you exist in a vacuum or in a perfect world. Having watched hundreds of real parents receive and try to implement advice from multiple sources of knowledge – we have a keen insight into how things may play out for your family in the real world. We consciously think of you as a dynamic and changing whole person, within the context of your family and culture.

We offer solutions for your physical body – stretches, yoga and much, much more. We offer solutions for your emotional self – by providing safe spaces and safe relationships that you can rest in and by providing tools to take care of your emotions. We offer solutions for your mind – with information and resources as well as by connecting you to sources of knowledge that may benefit you. And we offer space for your spiritual self – after all one cannot deal with birth, death and life without acknowledging the spiritual aspects of these. We honour your sacred experience and respect your spiritual beliefs.

Finally – we offer solutions in partnership with you. There is never a one-size fits all approach. We draw from our training, experience and personal skill-sets and offer an array of solutions or a single approach that may fit best. Together we explore whether you prefer to receive support and coaching to achieve the desired outcomes, or whether you prefer to try out, modify and implement ideas on your own. We make ourselves available to you as you need, while being authentic about who we are and about our own lived experience.

As doulas we have no political affiliations, particular agenda or corporate sponsors. We do not accept payment or incentives from any groups, businesses or interests. When we link you to works of scholarship, techniques or products we do so because we believe they will help you. Our only intention is your well-being and the well-being of your family and society. Therefore we charge a fee for our consultations so that we can remain independent, self-sufficient and continue to provide for ourselves and our families while offering your our services.

If you are unable to afford the fees, please do not hesitate to reach out to us – we reserve some consultations for those who need free services. If you are able to offer skills or goods for barter – please reach out to us – perhaps we need exactly what you are offering! If you are able to afford it – please consider donating a package of consultations to those who need it but may not be able to afford it right now.

What a consultation is like

  1. During a consultation we hold space for your experience and questions by offering deep listening and authentic empathy. This work is personal to us and your experience matters to us. We offer consultations both virtually as well as in-person.

2. We dig in to our own experience and trainings and partner with you to come up with solutions. We offer you information and referrals to sources of information that would be relevant to you.

3. We teach exercises and techniques that you can take home with you from our doula tool-kits for your emotional self, your physical body, your mental being and your spiritual self.

Consultations flow with your needs there is “no one-size fits all” approach

Doulas provide emotional, physical and informational support, whether virtually or in-person.

It seemed no one could understand our complicated emotions around our baby after we had experienced a previous loss. It was very hard accept support from family and friends at times. Talking about it was a huge relief and helped us through a tough time.

— Sai Vidhya and Vijay R

“I cannot say enough about how helpful the consultations were. It was just amazing!!! It felt like talking to close friends the way I could share everything and not worry about being judged or criticised. I got to learn a lot and I must have complained a lot to them about everything… Now I know I am not alone and feel lucky that I can reach out to them anytime.”

  • Rauna, S

“We just weren’t prepared for how difficult postpartum is! We had prepared for birth but then we had a long and traumatic labor.

Once the baby was born it was like the attention was completely taken off of us. We had a million questions but weren’t sure who to ask. I spent a lot of time on online forums but things got really hard and I wasn’t sure how to cope.

I like that I could ask specific questions at the consultations and get some perspective. It was also helpful to receive exercises and suggestions to try with my baby. At the last consultation I was definitely much more confident than I was at the beginning.”

— Angel and Thomas, V

Some Consultations We Offer

We are here for you; whatever you find yourself struggling with…

  • Processing a traumatic birth
  • How do deal with fear of giving birth
  • Exploring your dream birth
  • Do I Need a doula?
  • Couple – strife during baby’s first year
  • Premature birth, the NICU and trauma
  • Expecting multiples
  • Breast-feeding is so hard! When things don’t go as expected with your breastfeeding relationship
  • Postpartum depression – beyond baby blues – coping
  • Having your rainbow baby
  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Miscarriage
  • Infertility
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety in partners

Self Care during pregnancy

  • Share your powerful birth story
  • Expecting after infertility
  • Medically complicated pregnancy
  • How to heal and deal with communication blocks in your family during pregnancy
  • How to deal with difficult sibling relationships when welcoming a new baby
  • Challenging recoveries -what if postpartum is physically much harder than you were prepared for
  • Self care during postpartum – how to deal with difficult emotions during the ‘happiest time of your lives’
  • When baby is born with challenges
  • Abortions
  • Bonding with baby – coping with disappointment, loss, grief, stress and career

“It was information overload for me and my husband.

There was no way we had time to read through so much. Our childbirth class from the hospital gave even more information. The videos were somewhat scary so we didn’t watch them.

It was much easier to have someone explain it to us and answer our questions!

At the consultations we heard about various methods and we found out about ‘birthing from within’ and we ended up using some of the techniques in labor.

The consultation made us feel more confident and clear about giving birth”

Madhura and Vasu, K

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Package of three Consultations – 3 one hour sessions$330 (3300INR) (93,000CRC)
Package of six Consultations – 6 one hour sessions$600/(6000INR)(180,000CRC)
Supported Journey package – 10 consultations plus bonus e-workbook$1000/(10,000INR)(250,000CRC)

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