Doula Services

Birth Doula

Expert birth support packages for all births. Benefit from culturally sensitive, trauma-informed doula-care during your labor and delivery.

Postpartum Care

Gentle in home care from experienced providers during the sacred window of time immediately after birth. Packages for day-time, overnights, traditional postpartum meals, Ayurvedic postnatal therapies – open to all.

Childhood, Motherhood, Parenting Support

Postpartum is forever. It takes a village to raise healthy children. Gentle guidance and hands-on help for parents beyond the ‘fourth trimester’. Sleep-coaching, teething, transitioning back to work, toddler years, early childhood, sibling rivalry, single-parenting, trauma, family dynamics, couple-dynamics, body after baby, health after children, respite care for exhausted parents.

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Families tell us that they are overwhelmed with information and choices. They have no time to process with work pressure, career worries, and interference from well-meaning friends and family. They worry about postpartum depression, bonding, losing their body, and whether they will be strong enough

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Do not continue alone.
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